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The card to the left represents events in your past that may have led to the position you are in now. The Tarot card in the center position represents your outlook on your current state of affairs. The card furthest to the right suggests a possible outcome if no action is taken to change the current course. The future is not set in stone & can be changed through action.

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The cards displayed in this section are from the Marchetti Tarot deck and are used courtesy of the artist. They are a signed special edition, obtainable from:



A Horoscope, in astrology, is a chart of the heavens, showing the relative positions of the Sun, the Moon, the planets, and the ascendant and midheaven signs of the zodiac at a specific moment in time.

A horoscope is used to provide information about the present and to predict events to come. Click your star sign below to find your horoscope reading, as well as specalist horoscope readers.